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网上赌博网站十大排行 Schools has joined forces with our sister company, Contractor Training Center (CTC), to offer unrivaled exam prep for general contractor licensure.

In conjunction with CTC, 网上赌博网站十大排行 Schools now offers best-in-class general contractor exam prep. Pass your contractor license exam with confidence:


Learn your way

CTC provides comprehensive, self-paced exam prep courses for the national NASCLA exams and your state business law exam. Take them at your own pace, on your own time. You can also access live instructor office hours and a simulated exam.

Money-back guarantee

98% of CTC students pass their exams with ease. If you don’t pass on your first try, we’ll create a personalized study plan so you can pass on your next attempt. Still on the fence? Ask about our money-back guarantee.

Pre-tabbed and highlighted books

With a timed open-book test, finding the right answers quickly makes all the difference in passing your exam. Our pre-highlighted and tabbed books save hours of prep time, ensuring you’ll enter exam day with confidence.

Explore multiple licenses

CTC offers exam prep courses for electrical, residential, building, highway contractors, and more! Expand your career footprint (and your earning potential!) with CTC today.

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To learn more, sign up for CTC’s regular open house events or contact a career counselor at 1-888-585-7350.

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Discover why thousands of other professionals got their start with us:

“[I experienced a] 100% success rate. When I called to extend my study guide due to COVID-19, it was approved immediately with words of encouragement for a long and difficult test. I passed, and I have CTC to thank for that!”

– Jeff E.

“I purchased the pre-recorded online course for AR Business Law exam after having failed terribly my first attempt. The exam is difficult and designed to lean you toward incorrect answers. After watching all the videos and following [CTC’s] study recommendations, I passed my retake with confidence just two weeks later! I highly recommend CTC as I would not have passed without them.”

– Camille K.

“I passed the NASCLA Building Contractor examination on July 20, 2022, after missing it by three questions on July 16, 2022. The bottom line is this: Without Contractor Training Center, I would not have passed the NASCLA exam! THANK YOU, CONTRACTOR TRAINING CENTER!”

– Ravi D.

“I’ve used CTC for 3 different state exams now and passed every one. That’s a good record.”

– Dwayne A.